Reindeer Haunch Steaks (2 in a 300g Pack) - MRESTFP51

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Meat Sourced: Scandinavia

Taste: Very Tasty! A slight game flavour, similar to venison

  • We consider them ‘steak royalty’.

  • Reindeer haunch steaks are a cheaper cut to the fillet however they still retain that delicious game flavour and when cooked medium rare they are extremely tender.

  • Reindeer Steaks are delicious served with a red wine sauce, new potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

  • Two Reindeer steaks in a 300g pack.

Nutrition Facts (Per 100g)

kCal: 112 kJ: 473 Protein: 23.9g Fat: 1.8g Carbohydrate: 0.1g

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